Android Reflection Tool Beta

    Android Reflection Tool Beta
    1-Check Battery Status Fastboot & Adb Mode
    2-Check Cpu Info Fastboot & Adb Mode
    3-Check Gmail Account Fastboot & Adb Mode
    4-Read Info Fastboot Adb Mode
    Reboot Phone
    1-Reboot Device
    2-Reboot To Recovery Mode
    3-Reboot To Bootloader Mode
    4-Reboot To Fastboot Mode
    5-Remove Pattern Fastboot Mode
    6-Wipe Data Fastboot Mode
    6-wipe data+Chance Fastboot Mode
    7-Check Root Status
    8-Start Adb Server
    9-Kill Adb Server
    Compatibility:-Compatible For all Windows computer.
    windows xp,
    Windows 7,
    Windows 8,
    Windows 8.1,
    Windows 10 (64bit & 32bit

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